Cynthia Wright, D.C.

About me...

Dr. Cynthia Wright has been practicing chiropractic for over 24 years. After doing her undergraduate studies in Nutrition at UC Berkeley, she graduated magna cum laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic, West Campus. She practiced in the San Francisco Bay Area until moving to Ashland in 1994.

Her approach to her patients is a holistic one. Using hands, mind, and heart, she focuses on relieving pain, increasing function, and optimizing health through hands-on healing. She specializes in releasing myofascial trigger points (those knots you find in the muscles of your back and neck), in addition to correcting joint dysfunction in the spine, jaw and extremities. Dr. Wright utilizes a variety of techniques, enabling her to provide appropriate care to all types of patients. Lifestyle changes, therapeutic exercises, with a laugh or a hug, round out her therapeutic approach to each individual. She honors the uniqueness of each patient.

A partial list of techniques used include: diversified, SOT, activator, Nimmo trigger point therapy, Graston, sports injury specific, as well as low force techniques, such as muscle energy, active release and myofascial release.

As a triathlete and dancer, she recognizes that the body is an amazing machine that needs movement, strength, balance, and flexibility to function optimally. She is an advocate of wellness through abundant and balanced living.  Dr. Wright is dedicated to alleviating the pain and dysfunction that are obstacles to living life fully.

Feel free to call the clinic or email Dr. Wright to learn more about how she can help you improve health and function in your life!