Casey Frieder, D.C.

Have you heard the news?  Dr. Frieder is opening his own clinic!

As of January 5th, 2015, Dr. Casey Frieder will be practicing in a new location at 233 4th St, in Ashland. This new location is just 2 blocks away from Hands On Wellness and is located in the building between Rasa Yoga and the Peerless Hotel, just 3 doors up from Noble Coffee. 

The reason for this move is so that Dr. Frieder can expand his practice to offer in-house massage and other natural health services. The business name will be changing from Frieder Chiropractic to Southern Oregon Active Health in order to reflect the broader scope of services that will soon be available. You can check out the new website at to get more information and schedule an appointment online.  

Message from Dr. Frieder:

"I am excited for the upcoming change and I look forward to continuing to support your good health for many years to come!  I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to practice alongside Drs. Cynthia Wright and Kelly Lange for the past few years. They are both top notch chiropractors and wonderful people and we will remain close friends and colleagues. Know that you are always welcome as a patient at Hands On Wellness and you are free to see whichever physician you'd like."

About me...

Dr. Casey Frieder grew up in the mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho, and developed a love for sports and the natural world at a young age. He then moved to Albuquerque and attended the University of New Mexico, where he played NCAA Div 1 soccer and earned a bachelors degree with honors in Philosophy and Biology. Next came several years of international travel, mostly while studying yoga in India. It was here that Casey began to discover the miraculous healing powers of the human being and the innate wellness we share. After returning to the USA, starting a family and becoming a skilled woodworker, he was blessed to discover the art and science of chiropractic. Four years of intense study and clinical training at the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon transformed Casey into a chiropractic physician.He was honored to graduate as class valedictorian and further blessed with the opportunity to conclude his clinical training with an internship at the Ketchum Chiropractic clinic in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Dr. Frieder feels blessed to live in Ashland with his family.  He appreciates the wealth of natural beauty, outdoor activities, fresh food and social opportunities that this community offers  Some of his favorite activities include mountain biking, rock climbing, alpine skiing, playing with his kids at the park, and playing music in the local marimba band Rutendo.  Dr. Frieder also loves to bring ideas to life and is the creator of a professional therapeutic instrument for soft tissue disorders called the BioEdge ( 

My services

As a chiropractic physician, Dr. Casey Frieder helps his patients live life to the fullest by eliminating unnecessary pain and suffering in body and mind. He believes that all people have the capacity to create a happy, healthy life and he’s honored to assist in the healing process by listening carefully and seeking the root of disease, rather than simply treating its manifestations. Once the cause is known, Dr. Frieder employs appropriate healing modalities to promote wellness, including manual spinal and extremity adjusting, craniopathy, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, myofacial release, muscle energy techniques, functional movement therapy, kinesio-tape, whole foods nutrition, flower essence therapy and meditation/self-inquiry. Clinical experience proves that Dr. Frieder's dynamic approach is effective for most common health problems because it stimulates the body's innate healing powers.  

Pediatric Chiropractor.  Dr. Frieder has received training in pediatrics and loves helping kids regain their health and balance with gentle adjustments--it often only takes a single treatment!  (Usually the parents stay for treatment after seeing how well their children respond)

Dr. Frieder is also an Auto Injury Chiropractor.  Did you know that anyone involved in an auto accident in the state of Oregon, regardless of who was at fault, is entitled to a minimum of $15,000 of personal injury protection benefits?  Because auto accidents can cause serious injuries and long-term disability, it is important to be evaluated by a chiropractic physician as soon as possible following an accident.  Chiropractic care is proven to be one of the most effective treatments to ensure a full recovery.  Call Dr. Frieder today at 541-482-3492 if you've been in an automobile accident. 

Have you heard of the Nasal Specific Technique?  It is a procedure used to adjust the cranial bones and is effective in resolving many health conditions from sinusitis to chronic headaches.  Dr. Frieder is one of the only practitioners in the Rogue Valley region that performs the Nasal Specific Technique. See for more information.  

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Please feel free to email Dr. Frieder any time with questions or just to say “hello.”